12 tips for 12 months abroad

Viola knows all about the thrills and anxieties of travelling, as she adventured in Australia, Bali and China. Here are her 12 tips for your 12 months abroad!

by Lena El-Sheikh


Applying for a visa while abroad

by Jack Graham
Health & Fitness

10 things to sort before leaving for a study abroad year

by Elise Metcalf

Arriving Abroad: The Inevitable First Day Panic

by Mike Glover-Smith
Cape Town

South African visas: What to look out for

by Andrew Wicks
Work Abroad

Which countries do I need a visa for?

by Global Graduates

Questions about Visa


Should I re-organise my year abroad?


Will I need a visa to study abroad in Spain?


How early can I arrive in France before the semester begins on my student v...


K guys, I found the answer.  US citizens can arrive in France with their student visa 15 days before the start date of their program.


Financial requirements of a student visa?


How much will my Visa to the University of North Florida cost?


There are two fees for getting a USA student VISA - the general VISA application fee and the SEVIS (student specific) application fee. When I paid for both of these last summer it came to 220 GBP.


Do I have to go?

Study Abroad

You need to make an appointment to speak to your personal tutor, year abroad co-ordinator, or whoever is in charge of the study abroad programme. Explain your situation to them and see what alternativ...

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