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Study abroad is challenging, exciting and above all rewarding. It is not a year out, but the opportunity to study at a college or university abroad as part of your degree at Ulster. It is the ideal opportunity to experience a different way of living and learning. You will come back to Ulster with more confidence, a network of new friends, experience of a different country and culture, new skills (and maybe even a new language), a great CV and some amazing memories.


Questions about Ulster Uni


Funding for student on placement abroad?


French SIM cards??

SIM card

Hiya,There are a few Q&A sessions relating to this topic on the site that might be useful.What should I do about mobile phones in France?What do people advise when it comes to mobile phones in Fra...


Can someone help me with accommodation in Spain?


Hi Sam! I can't give you any advice specific to Seville but have you checked out this previous question/answers about accommodation in Spain? The answers mention websites such as Fotocasa, Easy Piso,...

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