Travel Grant

Student Finance Travel Grants 2015/16

More information about getting financial help if you're studying abroad: Travel Grants from Student Finance.

by Global Graduates

Study Abroad

Semester or Year Abroad for Lower Income Students

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Fly me to the moon: How to book cheap flights

by Arthur Reagan

Questions about Travel Grant


Where should I do my masters in Food Science (Nutrition) in Europe outside...


Please advise what is the address to send travel reimbursement forms?

Travel Grant

All of the information about travel grants for English students studying abroad is available here.As the grant is provided by Student Finance England, it is likely that you should send your travel rei...


I want to complete my final year in Sri Lanka, Colombo. Just wondering if i...

Student Loan

If I were to buy a straight flight (which is pricier) as opposed to a conne...


Hi, The easy answer is....There are no particular guidelines re selecting flights, however, students must ensure they buy the most cost effective tickets using the most economical and practical form...


How to study in the US?


Hi Tom, Have you contacted the Staffordshire Study Abroad department? That should be your first point of call, as each university has a difference policy on which students can go abroad, as well as w...


Has anybody had experience of applying for the Travel Grant with Student Fi...


I got the Student Finance year abroad travel grant form from my university and saved it until after my year abroad. In July I sent the form after calculating my total expenses, including study abroad...

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