So you want to work abroad? Five questions, answered.

Why working abroad is a great thing to do: how to find a job, fit in, make friends, improve language skills and become more employable.

by Gemma Sowerby


EU careers insider: Working as a 'Blue Book Stagiaire'

by Alice Hagger-Vaughan

Questions about Traineeship


How would I go about finding an Erasmus+ work placement in Spain and Portug...


Hi Sasha, A good place to start your search is Erasmus Intern site, IAESTE, or you could try Eurasmus+. or LEO-NET's Job Offer Exchange platform (JOE+).I would also suggest that you talk to yo...


Do you get an Erasmus grant if you are doing a work placement paid above â‚...

Work placement

I am currently working as a language assistant earning €800 a month. Despite this, I am still receiving the Erasmus grant. As far as I'm aware, no one was refused the grant based on earnings. I stud...

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