A Language Graduate teaching English in Italy

Robert's experiences as a graduate teaching English as a Foreign Language through International House in Jesi, Italy.

by Robert Owen Pinn


8 reasons why teaching English abroad is the best thing you could ever do

by Nicola Gwyer
Teach abroad

To TEFL or not to TEFL?

by Helen Johnson

Top tips for teaching expat or bilingual students

by Elizabeth Gibson

How much of what to pack for your year abroad

by Lois Bentall and Vicky Warrell
Work Abroad

How to get onto TEFL: the ins and outs of teaching English abroad

by Giovanna Perciballi

Questions about TEFL


Can I combine a TEFL course with learning another language?


Is Hands on TEFL a good company?


Hi Jennie. Here is my experience.  I started my  distasterous placement middle of January 2015 in Spain,  I signed up to a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teaching in...


Can anyone recommend a paid language assistant scheme in Spain or South Ame...


I would say not to get too hung up on schemes. You could always do some research on schools in different areas and email them directly to see if they would be open to a placement. I am working in an e...


Has anyone done a CELTA in Germany?

Study Abroad

Hi, I taught English to adults in a teaching college in Vienna 2 years ago and although it was quite daunting at first, it was an incredible experience. I'm currently living in Wolfsburg in Germany an...


Has anyone done a second year abroad, a few years into their professional c...

Working Abroad

Look at this!But if you are interested in publishing, try mailing the main Berlin publishing houses with your CV. You find the contact details on the relevant websites. There's a fairly complete list...

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