Questions about Support


What financial support can I get in France?


Hiya,You may be eligible to receive a CAF grant to help with your accommodation costs. There's great info on the CAF grant and how to apply in this article.Hope that helps!The TYA Team


Dietary Requirements - do you have an advice to share?

Culture Shock

I have lived in France and Italy and don't eat meat, and it was definitely more difficult for me to find veggie food over there! Fortunately for me I'm a pescetarian and eat fish so there were more op...


When you have a question about studying abroad, who are you most likely to...

Study Abroad

Personally, I found that my tutor and uni study abroad office weren't much help in the lead up to my year abroad. We had one meeting where they mainly spoke about the British Council Language Assistan...


Did anyone get welfare support or mental health help on their year abroad?


Your home university should continue to support you, if only with advice. And you will be able to contact your tutors, even if they do not automatically contact you. Many UK universities have designat...

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