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Why? Why not! Your Year Abroad fears answered

Katherine studied abroad as an Erasmus student at Aix-Marseille University in Aix-en-Provence. Here is her response to some typical pre-year abroad fears!

by Katherine Tabor


Erasmus Economics: Finding out finance before your year abroad

by Sophia Imeson
Study Abroad

Semester or Year Abroad for Lower Income Students

by Global Graduates

Currency cards – possibly the best way to manage your money abroad

by George Ward

Starting a business on your year abroad

by Lizzie Fane

Questions about Student Finance


When doing a year abroad do you pay the abroad uni and the one you original...

Year Abroad

The reason you pay less to your university is because they're not teaching you everyday, you just pay a percentage to cover the support they offer you via email, phone etc.  The partner university ac...


Should I still be paying tuition fees as a language assistant?

Student Finance

You should still be paying a percentage of your tuition fees towards your home university, and SF should still be providing a tuition fee loan to cover it if you normally receive it and request it 


Do I continue to receive my maintenance grant whilst abroad - not in Europ...

Student Finance

It depends on how much Erasmus grant you will be getting. I got the full Erasmus grant AND i was being paid because I was doing an internship, so I didn't get the maintenance grant. But if you're not...


Will I get a maintenance loan on my year abroad?


Hi, the general rules are:Students studying on a course at a UK university or college who study outside the UK as part of their course can apply for full student finance. In addition, there are some...


Has anybody had experience of applying for the Travel Grant with Student Fi...


I got the Student Finance year abroad travel grant form from my university and saved it until after my year abroad. In July I sent the form after calculating my total expenses, including study abroad...

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