Small town

10 reasons to choose town life over city life

Here are 10 reasons why small town life definitely beats the hustle and bustle of the city.

by Catherine Simpson

Mole Diaries

The Mole Diaries: Dreux

by Jessica Wells

Nine Months Working on the Death Coast

by Craig Blyth

A Year Abroad in a rural town

by Ross Smith

Combatting boredom on your Year Abroad

by Hannah Wakely

How much of what to pack for your year abroad

by Lois Bentall and Vicky Warrell

Questions about Small town


Any advice for living in a small town?


Make the most of the local area - for example Carnota has a beautiful beach! You can try a new sport like surfing or paddleboarding which will occupy your free time. You're bound to meet people your a...

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