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How do I make friends abroad?


Though I wouldn't say I'm an introvert, it's massively difficult making friends on a year abroad - especially when you aren't at a university or in small place. I would suggest looking on Facebook to...


Unhappy in my accommodation in Forli (Italy) but unsure what to do?


Hi, I had a similar experience in Spain where I was rushed into taking somewhere I didn't like with people I didn't feel comfortable around. I didn't even move in properly and I'm so glad I found some...


Making mistakes abroad?

Year Abroad

Hiya,Firstly, absolutely everyone gets nervous when practicing their target language amongst native speakers, so you're not alone!Another student has asked a similar question and, as you'll see, we r...


Best advice for homesickness?


Hiya,We've had a great thread on homesickness recently with lots of useful advice that should be helpful, as well as a slightly older thread on the subject.There is also a fantastic article on ThirdYe...


Improving my confidence?


Hi there,We have a fantastic article on written from the perspective of an introvert on her year abroad - and she also happens to be a French and Italian speaker. There are some gr...

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