Settling in

5 ways to combat loneliness in Tokyo

Here's what Hannah's experienced in Tokyo so far, and her top tips for combatting loneliness in Tokyo, despite making every effort to embrace the culture.

by Hannah Davenport

Study Abroad

Dealing with anxiety while on an exchange

by Lydia Latham

8 things to do during the first month of your year abroad

by Craig Debrah
Latin America

First impressions from a year abroad in Uruguay

by Kia Marie Hunt

Finding a family away from home

by Grace R

4 fun ways to get out of your comfort zone abroad

by India MacKenzie

The most useful pre-departure advice from university staff

by Global Graduates

Questions about Settling in


How do you make your new apartment abroad homely with such a small luggage...


Hi there! I was incredibly homesick when I first arrived, and my room was soooo different to my room at home that making it seem "homely" seemed impossible - but after a few weeks, it became "home" in...

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The Best of the Rest


The most useful pre-departure advice from university staff

by Global Graduates

The top 10 things to do in Madrid once you've settled in

by Lucinda Riding

A Year Abroad in a rural town

by Ross Smith

Arriving Abroad: The Inevitable First Day Panic

by Mike Glover-Smith

A small frog in a big pond: making friends in France

by Tim Blore
Teach abroad

First day of school!

by Global Graduates

Networking in a new city – opening doors and making your own luck

by Simon Davies

What to do when you arrive in Austria

by Antonia Storey
Living and working in Germany

What to do when you arrive in Germany

by Claire Morley

Making friends abroad

by Gina Reay

Year Abroad Blues

by Global Graduates