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What is the best way to cope with homesickness on your year abroad?

5 answers

I was wondering how people deal with feeling homesick whilst they are on their year abroad.

Has anyone done a CELTA in Germany?

2 answers

I am considering relocating to Berlin/somewhere in Germany for a little bit, in order to gain some further ELT experience. Has anyone done a CELTA course, or taught English to adults in any context in Germany? If so, could you please share any advice on how hard it is to find jobs etc please?

I'm feeling really lonely in my gap year I don't know what to do?

1 answers

My friends at college and we don't see each other much, and I don't want to be a nag, I want to do something like maybe go abroad I'm 18 but I have no idea what to do if I went abroad , and I don't know the best way to approach my parents about that will make them agree to it, I want to do something, I still have 6 months before applying to college.

What should I do about mobile phones in France?

5 answers

I'm going to France for my year abroad soon and I was wondering what might be the best thing to do about getting a mobile out there. I have Skype for chatting to people back home, but if you want to text a lot or just need to call someone at home while you're out, is it best to use your english mobile or to buy one out there and use that? It's just that I can't see any way around it being very expensive either way. And how would you go about getting a mobile? The French equivalent of a Carphone Warehouse?

University Halls or Private renting in Milan?

2 answers

Hi all, I'm flying out to the Università di Milano in September and I'm really struggling to decide between university accommodation or finding a shared flat. I tink I'm more comfortable with the idea of university accommodation, but I've spoken to my Italian teach (originally from Turin) who said that the majority of Italian students tend not to stay with the university. I'd just like some advice from anyone who has lived/studied in Milan or Italy in general as it's coming to the time I have to start looking and making decisions. If you do think private/shared rental is best, how did you go about finding your accommodation? Thanks, Megan :)

How do you tell if a friend has depression?

3 answers

I'm on a year abroad at the moment and I've got a group of friends here who are also on a year abroad. Most of us are having a great time but one is really miserable - she never wants to leave her flat, spends every evening on Skype with her family/boyfriend back home and is always crying. At first we thought it was just homesickness but she's been like this for months and almost didn't come back after Christmas. Is there something we should be doing??!

Small city in France to spend my year abroad?

7 answers

I'd really like to spend the year in France, preferably studying, but want to avoid the big cities (Paris, Marseille, Lyon etc.) as they seem quite impersonal and might be quite difficult to meet people. I want to find a much smaller city with friendly locals and an opportunity to get to know the WHOLE of the city really well! Any ideas?

Do you get an Erasmus grant if you are doing a work placement paid above €500?

2 answers

Hi everyone :) My university is refusing to pay Erasmus grants for traineeships and placements paid above €500/month (including British Council Assistantships). As far as I can see on the internet, no other university in the UK has such kind of policy, but I cannot be 100% sure, so I'd really appreciate some help in gathering information about it. Is there anyone here who is doing a placement abroad next year paid above €500 and do you get a grant? Thank you very much in advance, I appreciate your help :)

What's the difference between working as an EU translator and an interpreter in terms of the application process?

1 answers

I'm interested in both of those roles but are there different requirements? Do you need to apply for a specifically translator/interpreter role or can you do translation/interpreting work in a Generalist role?

How should I find accommodation in Sassari, Sardinia?

0 answers

Hi everyone, I have got an erasmus internship in Sassari, Sardinia, starting at the start of September. I am unsure of whether or not I need to find accommodation before I go, or if it will be ok to just turn up and find something when I get there. I have looked on and currently there are only 3 available rooms there, so I was also wondering where else I can look to find a room? Thank you!

What's the best way to look for careers that require a language?

3 answers

I have just graduated and am on the lookout for jobs that would allow me to use my language skills (I studied Spanish and Arabic). I don't want to be a translator! What are my other options? I would be open to working abroad.