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The contraceptive pill in Spain?

2 answers

I am currently studying in Spain and was looking for some information in how I would go about getting the contraceptive pill here. I have it back home in the UK but I need to get some more soon and don't know what the process of getting it is over here. Thanks!

Very homesick and would like some advice?

5 answers

I have been on my year abroad for less than a week in Forli in Italy studying at the University of Bologna in Forli, and then I will be going to the University of Geneva in Geneva in Switzerland. But, since arriving, I have become very homesick and I am trying to keep myself busy but it does not always work. I am an introverted person naturally and I don't yet feel comfortable telling my new flatmates how I am feeling. My Italian is not very good either and I feel like that is affecting me too. Does anyone have any advice please?

Can anyone recommend a paid language assistant scheme in Spain or South America that is 3-6 months in length?

4 answers

Only schemes I have found so far (e.g. British Council) have been full school years (8-10 months), looking for something between 3-6 months due to work commitments.

How do you keep up your language skills back home?

6 answers

Wondering what people's top tips for keeping up their different languages once they get home are? Especially if they have more than one? I feel I learn one, then forget it again. Advice and tips welcome!

Using currency cards on the year abroad?

2 answers

Has anyone got any experience of using currency cards for the year abroad? Because I'm splitting my year abroad (Italy and Switzerland), I'm not too sure what to do about money and banking but then I read about currency cards and would like to get some opinions of them before deciding to get one. For example, how do they work? Where can I get one from? Etc. etc.

Is it possible to do a second ERASMUS year?

2 answers

I've just graduated with my degree in French, and my year abroad was so good I want to do another one in a couple of years time for my third language. Is it possible to do this as an ERASMUS student and be in receipt of the grant etc if I have already done a year?

How long does it take for British Council language assistants to find out their assigned schools?

3 answers

I have been told that my placement will be in the Madrid area, but I haven't heard about the school I've been placed in. I am getting really anxious about making arrangements for accommodation etc. and not knowing is putting me on edge! Does anyone know when is the latest that you can find out?

Will I get a maintenance loan on my year abroad?

1 answers

I'm thinking of working for half of my year abroad as a language assistant in China and then study in France for the other half. Would I still get a maintenance loan as usual or not?

Do you have any recommendations on a job or internship in France for someone who hopes to work in the army and/or Foreign Office?

3 answers

I am interested in working as an Intelligence Linguist in the army or working in the foreign office after I graduate and wondered if you knew of any ways to gain any experience in this sort of field during my year abroad in France.

BC Language Assistant in either Argentina or Chile?

1 answers

I wish to work as an LA in either Argentina or Chile next year but can't decide which to do. Argentina is a max of 6 months, Chile is 10 months. I'm worried it will be more expensive in Chile, the Spanish too difficult to learn from Castellano and I may not like it, also the flight prices and pollution in Santiago cause me some concern. Has anyone got any useful advice or experiences they can share please?

Did anyone get welfare support or mental health help on their year abroad?

2 answers

Would like to know if anyone received support from their home or away universities whilst doing the year abroad or if that's not the done thing? Are services readily available? Where should you turn to for help? Do tutors or staff stay in contact to find out how you're doing during the year abroad and see if you're coping okay?

What are the most common year abroad myths?

1 answers

We all know that people are full of misconceptions about the year abroad. What are the most common/funniest/strangest myths you've come across?