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Extremely homesick and need some advice?

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I moved out to Paris 10 weeks ago to start the first half of my year abroad, (very early I know) and started classes at a private french language school mid August. I do classes in the morning, and then an internship in an office in the school during the afternoon. I am really not liking it, as at the school, there are very little people to chat to, as when I eventually make a friend, the average time that someone is at the school is only 2 weeks, whereas I am here until December. I am really missing home, and am trying everything to make it easier. I can't go out at nights, as I live an hour out of Paris, and so have to take the train which can have pretty scary people during the day, let alone the night. Also, with being so far out, it makes it impossible to meet more people or do anything in the evenings, as there is nothing to do and my flatmate is constantly at her boyfriend's, which is horrible considering how much I am missing mine and she leaves me with her cats - I hate cats. I hate it, as I promised myself I would make the most of my time here, and I know that I am as I am constantly keeping busy and have done so many touristy things etc. I just constantly have this horrible heavy, sad feeling over me, and find myself counting down the hours until it is a day closer to being home, It's so pathetic I know. I am really wishing I could come home, but know that I would really regret it. Any one got any advice for me at all, or anyone in Paris that fancies meeting up or something? Any help is appreciated.

Help with finding an internship in France?

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Hi guys! I am wanting to intern/work abroad for my third year abroad in France. However I have not had much response from places I have already applied to. Just wondering if anyone could help me with any links, or useful contacts. My dream internship would be working alongside a translator, or I wouldn't mind interning in a hotel! Thank you!

Very homesick and would like some advice?

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I have been on my year abroad for less than a week in Forli in Italy studying at the University of Bologna in Forli, and then I will be going to the University of Geneva in Geneva in Switzerland. But, since arriving, I have become very homesick and I am trying to keep myself busy but it does not always work. I am an introverted person naturally and I don't yet feel comfortable telling my new flatmates how I am feeling. My Italian is not very good either and I feel like that is affecting me too. Does anyone have any advice please?

Should I leave study abroad?

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I studied in Norway for my first semester and it was the best few months of my life but I've just arrived in Japan for my second semester abroad and I am so completely lost. I have never been to Asia before, don't speak Japanese and I'm so unfamiliar with everything. I literally got here four days ago and I know what everyone will say as a response to this - that I haven't given it enough time - but I know myself and I know it's not going to get better. I've decided that after a month if I am still not enjoying it I will leave at the start of May, but I was just wondering if anyone else on here has left before and what the potential consequences are? I am doing a 'sandwich' year and am due to go back to university in England in September.

I'd like to do a year abroad, but I don't want to study - what are my other options?

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I've heard that you can teach abroad - do I have to find my own placement?

Is it absolutely essential to get the spanish NIE whilst on your year abroad?

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Living and studying in madrid for my third year abroad

Any advice on how to integrate effectively with locals?

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Want to make sure I don't just hang out with Erasmus students, and actually meet local people as that's how I think my language skills (French) will improve the most! Do I just go to the pub/evening classes etc? Thank you!

Can you study abroad with no/little knowledge of the language?

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I can speak a bit of German so will be spending half of my year abroad there. However I also want to experience a different country for the second half of the year. Is this too difficult or can it be done?

Where can I get an A1 form from?

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Hi, I am setting up a business in Greece which will operate six months a year. I will continue to reside in the UK and work on the PAYE system. The Greek National Insurance system needs me to get an A1 form so that I will be exempt of paying National Insurance in Greece as I already pay in the UK. Where can I get this from.

I'm interested in being a lawyer/linguist with the EU. What are the requirements for passing the competition?

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Do you need professional experience in a law firm? Also, do you need a particular language?

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