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Questions about studying and working abroad during your degree.

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Which European countries/ good universities provide free masters degree programs for Asian students?

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I m looking in the field of maritime business and it. Any minimum requirements?

Are currency cards a good idea to use in Russia ?

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I'm going on my year abroad in Yaroslavl and Kazan in August and I am wondering about the best way to handle money over there? I've read that Russians use cash more than anything else but if I have to pay charges every time I take cash out, I know it's going to cost me a lot... And I don't really feel comfortable with the idea of having huge amounts of cash with me. So I guess my questions are: are currency cards a good way to handle money and if yes which brand/bank? And if not, then what is the best way to handle money in Russia?

Does anyone know how I can watch Coronation Street from Spain?

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I don't mind paying a monthly subscription if it is a reputable site and not some rip-off website. Thanks in advance for any help that anyone may have!!

Anyone stayed in Résidence Saint-Jaques before?

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I'm in the middle of researching places to live during my term in Paris and I've come across Résidence Saint-Jaques in the 14th arrondissement. I can't find an awful lot of information about the place and or many pictures so I was wondering if anyone here has viewed it or stayed there before or knows someone who has? I'd be extremely grateful for any help you can offer! Here's the link in case there are other Saint-Jacques I don't know about:

Will I be studying in a different term at the University of Auckland?

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I am currently studying in the UK and my study abroad will take place during term 2 - will it be term 1 in New Zealand due to there different term schedules?

Can I come home at any time?

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I have always had issues with anxious/nervous feelings and it stops me from doing certain things. I’m going on a year abroad to Spain next year which I am dreading at the moment. Spanish isn’t my favourite subject and I’m going to be turning 21 while I’m there but can I come home for a couple of weeks to have a party etc since I’ll want to spend it with friends and family Or will I have to wait till Christmas holidays to come home? I am also worried that I’ll be lonely and everyone back home will forget about me, does anyone have any advice on this?

How much maintance loan will I recieve for a year abroad in Australia?

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I'm just about to go into my second year of study at Leeds uni and i'm looking into different options for my third year as I would love to do year abroad studying in Australia. My household income is in the top bracket so 40k+, does anyone know a ball part figure of how much loan I can get while over there. Thanks :)

Should I change my internship while I still have time?

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I have been working at a student travel agency in Germany for 2 weeks now, and have been regretting my choice of internship since I started. The job is based in a TINY office out of town (just 2 managers and one other intern who will be leaving this week), which is incredibly antisocial and has a very unfriendly working environment. Most of the day is spent in silence, and when my co-workers do speak to one another they do it in Turkish. In terms of the work itself, the main language of the job is English, meaning I am left with little opportunity to develop my language. As well as this, the work is incredibly monotonous and there is never an opportunity to learn anything/ actually use my brain - the worst thing is that there are often long periods where there is no customer activity and so there can be hours of sitting, staring at the screen or on your phone (this is not without me trying to find other work to do). Seeing my fellow intern, who is now 3 months into the job, doing as little as I am it is quite clear that this is what it will be like from now on. I just really would like a fresh start with a job that is actually challenging and allows me to have more contact with staff/ customers in German - I am worried that I will 'stick it out' here and end up regretting 6 months doing a job that I hate. Has anyone else switched internships early on in the year abroad/ left an internship early? I would really appreciate any advice at all at this point!!