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Is Salzburg, Austria covered by any German mobile networks? If not, what phone contract is recommended for a Austria/Germany split Erasmus year?

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I'm spending half of my Erasmus year abroad in Salzburg and the other half in Munich. As I can't seem to find any 6 month contracts over there (I'd rather not have prepaid because I'll be using a lot of data), I'm going to have to get a 12 month contract, so was looking for one that covered both Salzburg and Munich, despite them being in different countries. As Salzburg is right on the German border, I thought maybe it would share German mobile networks, is this true?

Can you still do an Erasmus exchange if your uni doesn't offer it?

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My course at university doesn't offer any Erasmus opportunities. Can I apply for Erasmus independently?

How should I find accommodation in Sassari, Sardinia?

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Hi everyone, I have got an erasmus internship in Sassari, Sardinia, starting at the start of September. I am unsure of whether or not I need to find accommodation before I go, or if it will be ok to just turn up and find something when I get there. I have looked on and currently there are only 3 available rooms there, so I was also wondering where else I can look to find a room? Thank you!

What is the best way to transfer money from a UK bank account to an Austrian bank account?

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I am going on a year abroad to Vienna and I have already checked bank accounts there - I wish to open one up when I arrive there, as it also gives you a railcard and an ISIC card. However, I will need to transfer money from the UK to Austria, as my student loan and my EU funding will come in batches throughout the year. Is there a good way of transferring these funds from the UK to Austria without incurring extra costs?

Design-related short courses in EU countries.

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A non EU international student I'm working with is interested in doing some kind of short course related to Graphic Design somewhere in Europe after his UK student visa runs out in Jan 2018. Can anyone suggest where he can look for potential courses, taught in English?

Where should I live in Barcelona?

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Hi everyone! Next Semester I'm moving to Barcelona to do my Erasmus Exchange. I would like to star to find a place to live in, but I would like to read some advices about which are the best areas and best options, because I still don't know if book in a student housing or if share a flat. thanks!