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Does anyone know how I can watch Coronation Street from Spain?

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I don't mind paying a monthly subscription if it is a reputable site and not some rip-off website. Thanks in advance for any help that anyone may have!!

Which is the best French city to do a masters in FLE (Français Langue Étrangère)?

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I am an Indian girl who would be moving to France this year to do a masters in FLE. I have to choose between the universities of Rennes 2, Jean Jaurès Toulouse, Stendhal Grenoble (Grenoble Alpes), Franché Comté, Artois and Nantes. Some cities like Toulouse, Rennes have lots of foreign students whereas others like Besançon, Nantes have more of natives. Since I will be doing a masters in the French language, living in which type of city would be beneficial for me? Moreover, I want to work part-time as a translator (French-English/English-French), so, I wanted to know where I could find work easily. Also, given that I am Indian, I want to live in a city free from any kind of hostility or racism. Please suggest the best possible option keeping in mind all these factors.

Can anyone recommend a travel insurance provider after surgery?

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I'm from the UK and looking for specific study abroad travel insurance. There are quite a few companies that offer it, but it's complicated by the fact that I had double jaw surgery four weeks ago as part of my orthodontic treatment. Many insurers won't cover emergency medical treatment that relates to an 'existing medical condition', which includes recent surgery. Does anyone have experience of buying travel insurance who has a medical condition or has had recent surgery? Were you able to extend your policy to cover it, or did you have to buy additional specific medical insurance?

How many months do I have to work abroad?

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I am doing a dual major in Spanish/International Politics and I must do a year abroad in a Spanish speaking country as part of my degree. I have chosen to go to Argentina to work independently, but for how long do I have to work there? Is there a set amount of time (several months?) or is it the full academic year?

It may be a silly question but I was wondering how students in france (paris - sorbonne) take notes? Do they use notebooks or sheets like here in England? Or laptops?

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I guess I would like some recommendations as I am going to Paris this September and I have no idea what stationery to buy. A notebook per class? Do they receive as much (or more) material than we do here in England at the lectures and seminars?

Are currency cards a good idea to use in Russia ?

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I'm going on my year abroad in Yaroslavl and Kazan in August and I am wondering about the best way to handle money over there? I've read that Russians use cash more than anything else but if I have to pay charges every time I take cash out, I know it's going to cost me a lot... And I don't really feel comfortable with the idea of having huge amounts of cash with me. So I guess my questions are: are currency cards a good way to handle money and if yes which brand/bank? And if not, then what is the best way to handle money in Russia?

How can I apply for French Housing Insurance without a French mobile number?

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Hi! So I'm slightly panicking right now as I desperately need to sort out my French Home Insurance, otherwise when I arrive they won't hand over the keys and er, I'll be homeless. I've seen a fair few companies that offer this compulsory insurance, but every time I start applying, they want a mobile number. My UK number won't fit in the required field, and I don't have a French mobile number and won't be able to get one until after I've moved there...and got housing insurance. I have a few French friends that could maybe let me use their number, but this feels a bit dodgy to me and will be awkward if the company tries to call me. Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Will I be studying in a different term at the University of Auckland?

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I am currently studying in the UK and my study abroad will take place during term 2 - will it be term 1 in New Zealand due to there different term schedules?

How much maintance loan will I recieve for a year abroad in Australia?

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I'm just about to go into my second year of study at Leeds uni and i'm looking into different options for my third year as I would love to do year abroad studying in Australia. My household income is in the top bracket so 40k+, does anyone know a ball part figure of how much loan I can get while over there. Thanks :)

Is Salzburg, Austria covered by any German mobile networks? If not, what phone contract is recommended for a Austria/Germany split Erasmus year?

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I'm spending half of my Erasmus year abroad in Salzburg and the other half in Munich. As I can't seem to find any 6 month contracts over there (I'd rather not have prepaid because I'll be using a lot of data), I'm going to have to get a 12 month contract, so was looking for one that covered both Salzburg and Munich, despite them being in different countries. As Salzburg is right on the German border, I thought maybe it would share German mobile networks, is this true?