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Can anyone recommend a travel insurance provider after surgery?

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I'm from the UK and looking for specific study abroad travel insurance. There are quite a few companies that offer it, but it's complicated by the fact that I had double jaw surgery four weeks ago as part of my orthodontic treatment. Many insurers won't cover emergency medical treatment that relates to an 'existing medical condition', which includes recent surgery. Does anyone have experience of buying travel insurance who has a medical condition or has had recent surgery? Were you able to extend your policy to cover it, or did you have to buy additional specific medical insurance?

Will I be studying in a different term at the University of Auckland?

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I am currently studying in the UK and my study abroad will take place during term 2 - will it be term 1 in New Zealand due to there different term schedules?

Can you still do an Erasmus exchange if your uni doesn't offer it?

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My course at university doesn't offer any Erasmus opportunities. Can I apply for Erasmus independently?

Will I need a visa to study abroad in Spain?

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I live in the UK, I am a UK citizen, but will I need a visa to study abroad in Spain? It might sound a bit silly but I just need to make sure that I have everything covered.

It may be a silly question but I was wondering how students in france (paris - sorbonne) take notes? Do they use notebooks or sheets like here in England? Or laptops?

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I guess I would like some recommendations as I am going to Paris this September and I have no idea what stationery to buy. A notebook per class? Do they receive as much (or more) material than we do here in England at the lectures and seminars?

How much maintance loan will I recieve for a year abroad in Australia?

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I'm just about to go into my second year of study at Leeds uni and i'm looking into different options for my third year as I would love to do year abroad studying in Australia. My household income is in the top bracket so 40k+, does anyone know a ball part figure of how much loan I can get while over there. Thanks :)

What are Japanese universities like in regards to Work/Study-Life balances?

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I am interested in hearing from International Students finishing their year abroad or even native Japanese students to ask a couple of questions about their year abroad in Japan or as a full time student respectively at a Japanese university that I will list. By November, I need to select my University for my year abroad in Japan, in which my degree is International Relations with Modern Languages (Japanese). I am interested in three main things: One: How hard do the following universities work you in comparison to your college or university or home country? Is getting part-time work achievable? Two: Are international connections good? E.g. International Student Circles etc. Three: What are travel opportunities like in these areas? The following universities I have to choose from: Akita International University Gakushuin University Hokkaido University International Christian University Kansai University Kobe University ( I understand that this is a women's college, however for the sake of it being in Kansai, I have kept it on the list) Meiji University Meiji Gakuin University Okayama University Ritsumeikan University Ryukoku University Sophia University Waseda University Yokohama National University Even if you weren't a student from these universities, at least you will be able to answer the other questions in regards to the international connections and travel opportunities in these regions. Many Regards.

Can anyone recommend the best SIM card to get in Germany to put into my unlocked UK phone? Preferable one that offers a large date allowance for the lowest cost and no cancellation fee?

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I have an unlocked iPhone 5s and I want to buy a SIM card that will give me a large data allowance as I will mainly be using whatsapp and facebook messenger to communicate with friends also on a year abroad and my family at home. I will be in a town called Freising near Munich doing an internship for 6 months, then going to Lyon for 6 months.