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Do I have to get an A1 form?

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I am a part owner of a house in Portugal which is held in a company. My accountants are saying I must produce an A1 form otherwise the 'Company' will have to pay social security contributions Are they correct and is it because the house is held in a company?.I am a 71 year old pensioner and I have no earned income in either the UK or Portugal. The house is not rented out and I only use it for approx 12 weeks a year broken into separate holiday periods. I have sent the authorities proof of the fact that I receive a pension in the UK .

What steps you should take to overcome this frustration of your team mate?

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A new team member has joined with us recently. Now he is disappointed and in frustration due to the culture shock in new environment.

Can anyone advise me on accommodation in Nice?

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I will be living in Nice, France from January 1st until the end of June 2017. I have no previous experience with the French housing market nor with Nice at all. Where are the best places to be as a student? I would preferably like a house share/family to live with as I don't want to live alone!

Best thing to do about mobile phone network for America?

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Moving from the UK to USA for my third year abroad was wondering what is best to do in terms of my mobile phone network? How do I go about getting an American sim card and is it best to keep a smart phone with mobile data or switch to a simpler phone?

Student accommodation in Rome?

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I'm studying Italian and History at the University of Edinburgh and next year will be my year abroad, when I'll be studying at Sapienza University in Rome. I'm looking for accommodation and hopefully some people to share a flat with, but haven't had much luck in finding anything so far. Does anyone have any advice?

BRITISH COUNCIL: when contacting my school(s), should I email in Spanish or English?

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I don't feel like my Spanish is good enough to communicate fully, but I don't want to seem unwilling.

How can I get travel insurance for 15 months and multi-trips?

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My daughter is working in France June- Aug 2016 then in Germany as an Assistant Aug 16 - May 17 then working in France next summer, probably returning to the UK between each trip and at Christmas. we're struggling to find a company that offers travel insurance for this. Would be interested to hear what others have done in similar situations. Thanks

What job would it be possible to get being fluent in 6 languages?

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So I do know 3 languages fluently; Polish, Norwegian and English. I also have been learning spanish for 3 years so I do know quite a bit of that, and I've been thinking of studying German and Korean at University level. Basically, languages are my passion and do come pretty easily for me. But I am wondering, what degree besides these languages would it be best to get? And what kind of job may be possible once I've mastered all the 6 languages?

How to travel to mexico for a year?

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Hi, any experience with living and working in Mexico?

Do you stay in your chosen country for a whole year?

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I will be starting university soon and I am looking at doing a year abroad. However, I could not find any information on how breaks would work. For example, will I stay in the country I am studying in during holidays or can I go back home to see family/friends/significant others? And if I can, how often? Thanks in advance

What is mobile?

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