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SPAIN: do people recommend finding accommodation before or after arriving?

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I will be living in a small town (15,000 people) and so there aren't many flats online. If I was in a major city I would consider finding accommodation before hand. Does anyone have any advice?

Advice on opening an italian bank account ?

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I am going to study in Padova in a few days and I'm thinking of opening an Italian bank account to save on charges , has anyone else done this? have any sort of advice? Thank you

Traditional costumes found in the country Germany ?

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what are some native clothing found in Germany ?

Do I need a work visa for Argentina if I'm working there for 4 months?

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The consulate and embassy websites are very confusing. Some people saying just go in on a tourist visa which lasts for 90 days, do most people do this?

Any advice on applying for a scholarship in Spain?

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I want to study my degree in Spain but it´s too expensive.

Best thing to do about mobile phone network for America?

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Moving from the UK to USA for my third year abroad was wondering what is best to do in terms of my mobile phone network? How do I go about getting an American sim card and is it best to keep a smart phone with mobile data or switch to a simpler phone?

BRITISH COUNCIL: when contacting my school(s), should I email in Spanish or English?

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I don't feel like my Spanish is good enough to communicate fully, but I don't want to seem unwilling.

What are Japanese universities like in regards to Work/Study-Life balances?

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I am interested in hearing from International Students finishing their year abroad or even native Japanese students to ask a couple of questions about their year abroad in Japan or as a full time student respectively at a Japanese university that I will list. By November, I need to select my University for my year abroad in Japan, in which my degree is International Relations with Modern Languages (Japanese). I am interested in three main things: One: How hard do the following universities work you in comparison to your college or university or home country? Is getting part-time work achievable? Two: Are international connections good? E.g. International Student Circles etc. Three: What are travel opportunities like in these areas? The following universities I have to choose from: Akita International University Gakushuin University Hokkaido University International Christian University Kansai University Kobe University ( I understand that this is a women's college, however for the sake of it being in Kansai, I have kept it on the list) Meiji University Meiji Gakuin University Okayama University Ritsumeikan University Ryukoku University Sophia University Waseda University Yokohama National University Even if you weren't a student from these universities, at least you will be able to answer the other questions in regards to the international connections and travel opportunities in these regions. Many Regards.

How to get a pefect health?

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What steps you should take to overcome this frustration of your team mate?

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A new team member has joined with us recently. Now he is disappointed and in frustration due to the culture shock in new environment.

Could I spend a year abroad doing conservation/ project work and still get funding/ loan for it?

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I am currently in my second year studying zoology in Swansea and really want to take a year off getting stuck into another culture, I was wondering if it would be possible to do this without taking a 'suspension' from uni but actually use year abroad as 'industrial year' making my course a 4 year one and receive some kind of bursary to help funding....... Is this possible or to make this possible could I study at another uni for a couple terms then go off to do project work, etc ....???