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What happens if my application to university abroad arrives late?

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Hi there. I'm in the process of applying for my year abroad in Heidelberg and am having some trouble with logistics. I'm currently living in Spain and have had a lot going on lately, and as such I've only managed to send off my documents to my home institution in Leeds recently. Basically, they only left Spain this morning (they're tracked) and need to be signed by staff at Leeds and sent off to arrive at Heidelberg within the next six days (including a weekend). It's looking like this may not happen. Has anyone had a similar experience before who can tell me what happened? How strict do host universities tend to be on deadlines? Am I likely to need to consider alternative plans for my YA, and if so, what options are available?

How did your ab initio Russian improve by the end of your year abroad?

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I've just created a TYA account just so I could ask this question, so I hope it's okay if I ask it. I'm not at university at the minute, but am 18 and hoping to study Spanish and French from GCSE level all the way up to A2 level, and then take French to degree level, picking Russian up ab initio. My main concern with picking up Russian from scratch is that with it being a Slavic language, it will be much, much harder to learn alongside French, as opposed to Italian or Portuguese. I've been told that there's not a lot of people who speak English in Russia, even in the big cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow, so you're obviously going to be forced to use your Russian skills, but I'm still not sure as to whether or not I'd actually be able to reach a native standard of Russian, which is my main goal with both of the languages I wish to pursue at uni. Also, slightly unrelated, but still relevant to Russia: Has anyone who is gay spent their year abroad in Russia? I'm not too worried about this for when I get there, because I still get people who I've known for 10 years ask if I'm gay. It's not obvious. So, my two questions are: How much did your Russian improve by the time you got home from Russia? Are attitudes towards homosexuality really as bad as everyone says they are? Thanks, Joe

NSW uni 3rd year starts in dec 2015. How does year 4 back in uni of Birmingham start in Sept 2016?

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Does the NSW year end early in 2016 or does it overlap with birmingham and mean that student has to start a year 5 with increased debts and costs? Will student be ready to start year 4 in September 2016 in uk?

Is anyone leaving their flat in Essen?

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Looking for a place to spend the next six months whilst I am on placement here.

BRITISH COUNCIL: when contacting my school(s), should I email in Spanish or English?

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I don't feel like my Spanish is good enough to communicate fully, but I don't want to seem unwilling.

Best regions of Valencia to live in (12months) for a language assistant wanting a great, fun, social experience?

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Have had an offer for a flat in Patraix? Is it a particularly good region? Is the 'done thing' to stay in a hostel for a week or so whilst you find accommodation out there, rather than doing it online before departure?

Do I have to get an A1 form?

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I am a part owner of a house in Portugal which is held in a company. My accountants are saying I must produce an A1 form otherwise the 'Company' will have to pay social security contributions Are they correct and is it because the house is held in a company?.I am a 71 year old pensioner and I have no earned income in either the UK or Portugal. The house is not rented out and I only use it for approx 12 weeks a year broken into separate holiday periods. I have sent the authorities proof of the fact that I receive a pension in the UK .

SPAIN: do people recommend finding accommodation before or after arriving?

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I will be living in a small town (15,000 people) and so there aren't many flats online. If I was in a major city I would consider finding accommodation before hand. Does anyone have any advice?

How to get a pefect health?

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Student accommodation in Rome?

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I'm studying Italian and History at the University of Edinburgh and next year will be my year abroad, when I'll be studying at Sapienza University in Rome. I'm looking for accommodation and hopefully some people to share a flat with, but haven't had much luck in finding anything so far. Does anyone have any advice?

Advice on opening an italian bank account ?

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I am going to study in Padova in a few days and I'm thinking of opening an Italian bank account to save on charges , has anyone else done this? have any sort of advice? Thank you