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Starting assistantship in France on the 1st October, am I leaving it too late by flying out on the 29th?

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I want to leave it as late as possible so that I dont have time to feel alone and I want to have lots of things to do. I thought by leaving it late, I could just be thrown into everything. Do you think this is too late?

Anyone study at university of Granada?

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Looking at doing semester 2 in my year abroad at university of Granada. I study French and Spanish. Wondered if anyone knew how many hours a week I would be in lessons?

Does anyone have any experience of Extremadura?

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I've been placed with the British Council in a small town in Extremadura. It looks like a lovely town / region, I'm just a bit worried about meeting new people / people of my own age.

Can you change school for British Council?

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I've just received my placement for British Council and i hate it - it's exactly the opposite of what I wanted, it's in a really northern remote place and I know i'm not going to like it. Is it possible to get placed elsewhere?

Has anyone used STA Travel?

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Has anyone used STA travel as part of their year abroad? Their flight rates look good and so do their tours. They're fully protected, which is a plus, but if anyone has used them, did they have a good experience? I wanted to know about other people using them before I got any quotations. (I'm looking to spend my year abroad in Latin America, so cheaper flights would be very useful!)

Any advice on finding housing/accomodation in Amsterdam?

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I'll be studying abroad next year (2016/17) at VU Amsterdam and am currently trying to find out about accommodation. The halls for VU don't look great and I'm not sure how many Internationals actually stay there. Does anyone have any experience/advice they could offer me about trying to find student accommodation in Amsterdam? Thanks in advance!

Will I need a visa to study abroad in Spain?

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I live in the UK, I am a UK citizen, but will I need a visa to study abroad in Spain? It might sound a bit silly but I just need to make sure that I have everything covered.

Where can I find student accommodation in Toulouse?

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I'm going to Toulouse next week to begin studying for one semester, but I havent found anywhere to stay yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have a French guarantor and would rather avoid having to sort that out as I'm only there for a couple of months.

I want to ship my luggage to my host institution in England, does anyone know what service I should use?

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I will be traveling the two weeks prior to arriving at my host institution and in order to minimize the luggage I take with me I'd like to send my main luggage (one big suitcase) straight to the university from my house located in the US. Upon doing some research I found two companies that provide such service: sendmybag and unibaggage. Questions: - Is anyone familiar with either service and would recommend using it? - Are there any other services I didn't mention?

Where do I apply for an A1 form?

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I receive a State Pension from the uk paying my tax in the UK, I live in Portugal and have an apartment I wish to rent out, I need an A1 form to declare that I am in receipt of the pension in order to exempt me from paying Social Security contributions, where do I apply for this.

Any advice about studying medicine in Eastern Europe?

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I'm planning to study medicine this summer somewhere in Eastern Europe, Poland or Hungary. Does anyone have any experience of studying in one of these countries, and more importantly does anybody know how to finance it? Thanks, Jordan