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Which is the best student bank account to open in America?

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I am going to be studying abroad in Connecticut, and I wanted to know which is the best bank account to open up over there as my student account here will charge me for every transaction abroad.

Can you change school for British Council?

2 answers

I've just received my placement for British Council and i hate it - it's exactly the opposite of what I wanted, it's in a really northern remote place and I know i'm not going to like it. Is it possible to get placed elsewhere?

BRITISH COUNCIL: when contacting my school(s), should I email in Spanish or English?

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I don't feel like my Spanish is good enough to communicate fully, but I don't want to seem unwilling.

Will I be able to open a bank account in France before I have found and signed for somewhere to live?

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Hi, I'm moving to France (Lyon) next month and I've arranged an appointment at the bank (BNP Paribas) for the day after I arrive but it's quite unlikely I'll have found/signed for somewhere to live by then. I would know people whose address I could put down to send a debit card to, etc. but it wouldn't be my address. Does anyone know whether a French bank would let me set up an account without a permanent address? I'm working as a language assistant so will have my work contract by then to prove that I have a job and that I'll be in the country for at least the academic year. Thank you in advance!

Does anyone know how long a Canadian study visa lasts?

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A friend of mine had to leave Canada as soon as her visa expired in May, so she couldn't do much travelling - is it possible to apply for a tourist visa afterwards?

Where can I find student accommodation in Toulouse?

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I'm going to Toulouse next week to begin studying for one semester, but I havent found anywhere to stay yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have a French guarantor and would rather avoid having to sort that out as I'm only there for a couple of months.

Any advice about studying medicine in Eastern Europe?

1 answers

I'm planning to study medicine this summer somewhere in Eastern Europe, Poland or Hungary. Does anyone have any experience of studying in one of these countries, and more importantly does anybody know how to finance it? Thanks, Jordan

Is it useful to record lectures if studying in a different language?

2 answers

I'm going to study geography in Granada. My Spanish is pretty good but I'm a bit worried that especially during the first few weeks I will struggle to write in another language as the lecturer is speaking and I might just get completely lost, so it would be good to be able to go over them again if I need to. Plus I've used to having my lectures recorded at my UK university which is really helpful to go over any bits missed the first time round. Does anyone have any experience of recording lectures either at your home university or particularly on your year abroad? Did it help or did it just take ages to try and find the parts you needed to listen to again? Recording is quite common in the UK but are lecturers elsewhere a bit funny about it if you try and ask permission to record them? I'm thinking of buying a dictaphone or other specific device. Any recommendations? Thanks! :)

How do I find accommodation in Perugia?

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I will be moving to Italy in under three weeks and I still have not heard anything about the student accommodation that I applied for? Any help would be appreciated.

SPAIN: do people recommend finding accommodation before or after arriving?

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I will be living in a small town (15,000 people) and so there aren't many flats online. If I was in a major city I would consider finding accommodation before hand. Does anyone have any advice?

Any advice on finding housing/accomodation in Amsterdam?

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I'll be studying abroad next year (2016/17) at VU Amsterdam and am currently trying to find out about accommodation. The halls for VU don't look great and I'm not sure how many Internationals actually stay there. Does anyone have any experience/advice they could offer me about trying to find student accommodation in Amsterdam? Thanks in advance!