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Questions about studying and working abroad during your degree.

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What's wrong with me?

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For the past few months, I've been feeling super down, then normal with a few elated bits thrown in, then really upset. It is usually in that cycle, and he sadness can last for anywhere from a few minutes to weeks on end while the normal usually only lasts a few days. The elated bits only seem to appear while I'm feeling normal, and they only last for a few minutes to a few hours. I have no idea what's going on, can someone help?

Have any female Year Abroaders had a similar experience?

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I've just come back from my first semester of my year abroad which I spent studying in Italy. Since going to Italy in September, I've not had my period and this has started to concern me (so I am going to see a doctor) but I'm curious to know if any female year abroad students have had a similar experience of their periods changing/disappearing?

Studying abroad with OCD?

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I am applying to uni to study a mfl and already I am worrying about the third year abroad. I have OCD and rely on my family a great deal for their support. I'm not sure I could manage my symptoms by myself in a strange country but I don't want my condition to stop me applying.

How do I go about finding out about living with a family?

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I will be going to Bologna (Forli) and Geneva on my Year Abroad and I'm keen on living with a family in both… How do I go about finding a family to live with? Can anybody recommend any websites, please? Or share their own experiences of living with a family?

Any advice on how to find a short time summer job in Germany?

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I'd really like to find a summer job in Germany but its really difficult even to find stuff on the internet! Any advice would be really great in general! Dankeschön!

Making mistakes abroad?

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How do you get over the fear of making mistakes whilst speaking? I'm very shy and not confident in speaking anyway but I'm kind of worried about making mistakes, especially in Italy speaking Italian which is a fairly new language for me.

Which universities offer study abroad programmes in New York?

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I've had my heart set on studying in New York for a long time, but a full 3/4 year course is too expensive. I instead hope to spend a year in NY, making connections and gaining experience that will allow me to find work there once I have completed my degree. I'm specifically looking for English/Journalism programmes at any UK uni, that offer the chance to spend a year in New York. Any information would be much appreciated.

Do you need both an EHIC and a Carte Vitale for a year abroad in France?

1 answers

French red tape is confusing me! Please help!

Best phone provider in Spain?

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I'm heading back to Spain on Tuesday and whilst packing I've realised I've lost my Spanish sim card (oops) - can anyone recommend the best provider before I just go back to Orange? It needs to be somewhere that does nano sims (for an iPhone 5) because the Spanish Vodafones (at least the ones I went to) don't have them. Looking for a PAYG/prepago.

Is there leniency with your end date for British Council?

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I'm doing a British Council placement in Germany that will end on the 28th Feb 2017, but my French work placement begins on the 1st March (the very next day!!) I have no idea what to do because I've signed my contract for France. Would the school I'm placed with allow me to leave a day or so earlier in order to get to France?

Is there support from universities abroad in regards to mental and emotional health?

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i am going abroad in September and I am worried because I get very homesick, I have hypothyroidism and depression and I'm quite anxious about the year abroad experience.

Would you recommend Third Year Abroad at Valencia University? and what modules can you study there?

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At Leeds University, studying Spanish. Deciding between Madrid & Valencia University