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Has anyone had experience with living alone?

4 answers

I'm considering getting a studio apartment and living alone on my year abroad, as I haven't had great experiences with flatmates and I really like to have my own space. Hopefully I will be motivated to join in with more things and make more effort to talk to people as I will really have no other choice. Does anyone have any advice?

How do I go about finding out about living with a family?

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I will be going to Bologna (Forli) and Geneva on my Year Abroad and I'm keen on living with a family in both… How do I go about finding a family to live with? Can anybody recommend any websites, please? Or share their own experiences of living with a family?

How to make friends during an internship?

3 answers

Hey doing an internship in France (Grenoble) for 8 months and wondered if it would be okay for me to tag along to the local uni Erasmus events? Otherwise how do you recommend meeting new people on the year abroad (sorry if this is an obvious question but it has played on my mind for a while!)

Is there leniency with your end date for British Council?

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I'm doing a British Council placement in Germany that will end on the 28th Feb 2017, but my French work placement begins on the 1st March (the very next day!!) I have no idea what to do because I've signed my contract for France. Would the school I'm placed with allow me to leave a day or so earlier in order to get to France?

Convention de stage for graduates?

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Does any one have any experience of enrolling at a French university but not taking classes in order to obtain a convention de stage? Trying to find out how a graduate can get a convention de stage (when the university they are graduating from will not issue one).

Any advice for living in a small town?

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I've been placed in Carnota in Galicia in Spain and whilst it looks like a beautiful town, it's incredibly small and seems to be in the middle of nowhere. I'm worried I won't meet other assistants or people my age and therefore become quite lonely when I'm not travelling to other parts of Spain. Anyone have any tips or advice about living in a very small town?

Have any female Year Abroaders had a similar experience?

3 answers

I've just come back from my first semester of my year abroad which I spent studying in Italy. Since going to Italy in September, I've not had my period and this has started to concern me (so I am going to see a doctor) but I'm curious to know if any female year abroad students have had a similar experience of their periods changing/disappearing?

Volunteering on your year abroad?

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Does anybody have any experience of doing any volunteering whilst on their year abroad (studying at a Uni)? For example, charity shop volunteering. How did you get the volunteer role?

Making mistakes abroad?

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How do you get over the fear of making mistakes whilst speaking? I'm very shy and not confident in speaking anyway but I'm kind of worried about making mistakes, especially in Italy speaking Italian which is a fairly new language for me.

Is Aarhus really a vibrant student city?

2 answers

I will be studying in Aarhus, Denmark for first semester this year and wanted to know if it's true that it has a thriving and active student population and nightlife. Where is best to go?

I am currently studying Spanish; where can I go for my year abroad?

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I am starting to plan my year abroad and am considering the various places I can go to. Are there any restrictions on which Spanish-speaking countries I can visit? Are there any that people would particularly recommend, or would advise that I avoid? I don't want to go anywhere too dangerous or expensive. Any help would be appreciated!