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Advice on doing a study placement abroad , please tell me tricks and tips ?

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Hello I will be going to Canada for my study placement . Montreal, Quebec to be direct. I would like to know is there advice to offer in terms of phone, accommodation and so on I would like to know any useful information about studying abroad in general

How early should I start looking for a flat in Spain for my year abroad?

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I'm currently applying for a British Council assistant placement in Spain for my third year abroad, and I'm hoping to get placed in the likes of Sevilla. I know that British Council can take as long as until September to tell you where you are placed and I'm worried about finding accommodation. I also want to do Camp America this summer but I'm scared I'll find out my placement in July and have no way of looking at accommodation until I'm back in Europe! Can anyone give me any advice/suggestions or tips on when to look for accommodation?

BC Language Assistant in either Argentina or Chile?

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I wish to work as an LA in either Argentina or Chile next year but can't decide which to do. Argentina is a max of 6 months, Chile is 10 months. I'm worried it will be more expensive in Chile, the Spanish too difficult to learn from Castellano and I may not like it, also the flight prices and pollution in Santiago cause me some concern. Has anyone got any useful advice or experiences they can share please?

What is assurance habitation and where can I get it?

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Hi there. Thanks for reading. I'm studying in France for a month during the summer on a language course, and am in the process of finding accomodation. I'm applying through CROUS and it's necessary that I have une attestation d'assurance habitation, which I think translates as house or contents insurance. I was wondering where I could get this type of insurance as I have no clue where to start. Thank you

How do I transport all my stuff?

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Okay... stupid question probably. But how am I supposed to move all my stuff from Kendal to Milan when we struggle getting it from Kendal to Lancaster? I don't think my mother will drive it all there somehow...

How long does it take for British Council language assistants to find out their assigned schools?

3 answers

I have been told that my placement will be in the Madrid area, but I haven't heard about the school I've been placed in. I am getting really anxious about making arrangements for accommodation etc. and not knowing is putting me on edge! Does anyone know when is the latest that you can find out?

How do you keep up your language skills back home?

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Wondering what people's top tips for keeping up their different languages once they get home are? Especially if they have more than one? I feel I learn one, then forget it again. Advice and tips welcome!

How does the year abroad work for mature students with family?

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I'm a mature student with a husband and 13 year old daughter. I study Italian and History and am hoping to study in Florence for my 3rd year but also hoping to bring my daughter and husband with me. We are considering applying for an International school for my daughter and my husband may get a years secondment with his work. We feel that not only would it be an experience for me but an amazing life experience for my daughter. I am entitled to funding and we would be renting independently. Has anyone done this before or is it not allowed on the scheme? I cannot find any information on this at all.

Should I study or teach on my year abroad?

3 answers

I'm trying to make 'that' decision at the moment about what to do in Spain next year. I can't decide between being a teaching assistant or an Erasmus student at university. Anyone who's got ideas or has been, please give advice! I want to make the most of my year abroad, so want to make sure I make the right choice!

What's wrong with me?

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For the past few months, I've been feeling super down, then normal with a few elated bits thrown in, then really upset. It is usually in that cycle, and he sadness can last for anywhere from a few minutes to weeks on end while the normal usually only lasts a few days. The elated bits only seem to appear while I'm feeling normal, and they only last for a few minutes to a few hours. I have no idea what's going on, can someone help?

How do you feel about a pre-study abroad university mental health assessment to decide your eligibility to go?

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If unis could provide every potential year abroad student with a free mental health assessment BEFORE DEPARTURE, do you think that would help students (e.g. unis could keep an eye on students who need extra support) or facilitate discrimination?

How do I claim back healthcare costs in France?

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I had to have a blood test for a long and complicated reason which I won't go into now but it ended up costing me €68! I know that the French healthcare system reimburses people around 70% of the costs but am I also eligible even though I am not French? Also I don't have French health insurance, just the year abroad insurance I took out before I came here, can I claim on that instead? On my policy it seems to say I can but not until I'm back in the UK permanently. Also at the clinic they asked for a 'carte vitale' which I don't have, but on one of the websites I looked at it said that my EHIC card is an equivalent of a carte vitale, so can I use this to claim back the cost? This is so so confusing and really not what I need right now. I actually miss the NHS!