Would you recommend Third Year Abroad at Valencia University? and what modules can you study there?

At Leeds University, studying Spanish. Deciding between Madrid & Valencia University

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  • Ethan R Wilkinson · 7 years ago


    I did 1 semester at the University of Valencia (this time last year actually - oh how I miss it!). I absolutely loved my time in Valencia! As (Spanish) universities go, it is extremely well organised! Valencia is one of the top ERASMUS destinations so there are loads of ERASMUS students (good if you want to practice another language) and they also have an ERASMUS specific timetable of modules.

    My advice would be to only choose the modules on this timetable as your lectures will only be full of ERASMUS students (all of whom are in the same boat) and the lecturers are much more understanding in how they deliver their lectures; in terms of the level of Spanish language you have, flexibility on exam dates and they are very willing to help you.

    Here is the 2013-2014 ERAMUS timetable - it may be different this year.

    I did "Norma y Uso Correcto del Español" (learning the rules of accentuation and grammar - all of which has been extremely useful for my final year language module), "Español de América" (learning about the different varieties of Spanish - we watched loads of films during our lectures from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world in this module - the final exam was multiple choice from a list of pre-prepared questions which you are given!) and an English Language Teaching Assistant module (arranged by a British guy - you have to clock up 100 hours split between holding tandem classes, marking essays and attending English language university lectures - very easy to get full marks).

    I attended all of my lectures, revised for my exams and got a comfortable 80% overall.

    As a city Valencia is amazing - so cheap, beautiful beach and there's lots to do. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me :)

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