Work Placements and Internships in Italy?

I study 3 languages at university, so one of my placements of my year abroad must be done as a work placement or language school set up over the summer. I was originally thinking of spending this time in Italy, however my lecturer said that it is difficult to find these in Italy. The only things that I have found so far is working at English holiday camp firms but I doubt I would really improve my language skills there. The other is an internship programme with accommodation included, as well as Italian lessons and internship tailored to me and my abilities. This would cost at least 3,500 GBP though. If it is worth the price (as in I would come back with a great CV and impressive knowledge of Italian) I would pay it. But I was just wondering if anyone else had any luck/knowledge of finding a summer work placement or language school in Italy that would pass university requirements??

This question was asked by Chloe Hammond from The University of Hull , asked on 13th October 2015 and has been read 1747 times.

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