Will I still get a tuition fee loan on my year abroad?

I am going to do a British Council assistantship in Italy. Do I still need to pay tuition fees for my home university? And, if so, will I still be eligible for a loan to cover those fees?

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  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    Assuming you will be on Erasmus, you should pay no more than a reduced fee (15%) to your home university. You should also still be eligible for a loan, but at a reduced rate.

  • Ben SFE · 8 years ago

    Hi, if you are at uni in England or Wales then the general rules on your tuition fee and loan for study overseas are below;

    If you started your degree after September 2012 and are classed as Home/EU for fee purposes, then you should only need to pay 15% of your maximum tuition fee if spending the whole academic year abroad on Erasmus or other eligible overseas placement. This is up to £1,350 and yes a Tuition Fee Loan is available to cover this.If you study abroad for less than a full academic year (on those courses which permit it), your normal tuition fee may be payable (ask your uni).

    The study abroad rate of Maintenance Loan and any Maintenance Grant you get will continue to be available to you and you may also be eligible for a Travel Grant which as the name suggests can  help with some of your travel expenses but also towards other essential costs like medical insurance and visas.


    If you entered HE before September 2012 and are classed as Home/EU for fee purposes then you won't have to pay any tuition fees for the year abroad if you spend a full year on an Erasmus placement.If you entered HE before September 2012 and are classed as Home/EU for fee purposes and you are spending a whole academic year outside of the EU, or one semester in the EU and one semester outside the EU, then you should need to pay 50% of your normal tuition fee for the year abroad.Hope that helps.

  • Lauren Stevens · 8 years ago

    I knew I needed some extra cash during my year abroad, so I worked two jobs the summer before and I decided to the English Language Assistantship to earn money and stay in Europe to get an ERASMUS grant. I had my student loan, but I only paid a small amount of my tuition fees. Earning money as an English Language Assistant as well as having my university bursary, Erasmus grant, student loan and the money I saved up from working two jobs last summer have enabled me travel during the year and over the summer and I still have some savings left over!

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