Will I get a maintenance loan on my year abroad?

I'm thinking of working for half of my year abroad as a language assistant in China and then study in France for the other half. Would I still get a maintenance loan as usual or not?

This question was asked by Joshua Davidson from Nottingham Trent University , asked on 15th September 2014 and has been read 3580 times.

  • Ben SFE · 8 years ago

    Hi, the general rules are:

    Students studying on a course at a UK university or college who study outside the UK as part of their course can apply for full student finance. In addition, there are some special provisions if you are studying for at least the majority of a term abroad.

    If a student is studying abroad for the majority of a term they could get:

    • a Travel Grant

    • the study abroad rate of Maintenance Loan (up to £6,000 for 2104/15)

    The Travel Grant covers the cost of all necessary qualifying travel, less a disregard of £303. You need to fund the first £303!!

    The grant also covers other costs such as visas, vaccinations and medical insurance.

    You can apply for the Travel Grant on the main application for full-time student finance. Student Finance England will then send you (if eligible) a Travel Grant application form. 

    To get a Travel Grant, you need to be getting student finance that depends on your household income (Maintenance Grant/Higher Level Maintenance Loan).

    Please do bare in mind that the study placement does need to fit into the eligibility criteria for the support to be awarded, your overseas/finance officers at your uni should be able to advise or call SFE on 0300 100 0607

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