Which Study Work Create option is best for employability?

Study Work Create has so many options, but which do employers prefer in terms of employability? Traineeships are clearly hands-on work experience abroad, but it would be very particular to a specific industry - would Erasmus or Language Assistant give me better all-round skills? Or should I look at the India/China options for global skills? Can I do more than one programme in a year?

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  • Sukhman Perhar · 5 years ago

    Hi there, I am going to try to answer your question in chunks:

    1) You can do more than one programme in a year, but they may have to be different programmes (ex. you cannot do two Generation UK India placements in a year, but you could do a Gen UK India placement and a ELA placement at different times in the same calendar year if they aligned properly).

    2) A huge part of what programme will be most valuable to you is specific to what course you are studying. STEM fields tend to prefer working experience in the industry you plan to join, while humanities can more broadly encompass skills gained on any international experience.

    3) Contradictory to what I just said, ALL industries are looking for young people who have a broader cultural understanding of the world. Those who go abroad, for work, study, volunteer, or internships, gain valuable work place skills such as independence, confidence, ability to communicate, organization, and problem solving. Most importantly, the cultural awareness and understanding that you gain by going abroad is a ridiculously valuable asset that you bring to companies. 

    4) If you are a bit of a data nerd, or like an interesting read, I would suggest taking a look at the British Council World of Experience report. It demonstrates how international experiences are benefiting UK Youth Employment: https://www.britishcouncil.org/sites/default/files/_a_world_of_experience.pdf 

    I hope this was all helpful. 
    Study Work Create team

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