Where's the best place to study in France, if I get homesick and want to keep busy meeting lots of people?

Hi :) I'm from Glasgow and I'm going to France next year for my year abroad and having to decide on which region I want to go to just now. I do get quite homesick sometimes and was wondering where is the best place for people like me and for meeting other students and making friends? My tutor has recommended going to a town rather than a city or rural area and has recommended Dijon, Tours or Angers so if anyone can also give me advice on those that would be greatly appreciated! :)

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  • Romy Higgins · 7 years ago

    I went to Paris on my year abroad which could be seen as impersonal and too big, but I made loads of friends.  I'm quite nervous at approaching new people, but I lived in a foyer (like a halls of residence but independent of a university) so I lived with 60-odd other girls from all over the world.  I'd rally recommend them as they're run to give young people (mostly girls) support when moving to a new town or city, so they can give you advice on banks, CAF, jobs etc and you don't have to worry about bills.  Search for 'foyer des jeunes travailleurs/travailleuses'. The one I was in also organised events like trips to places in Paris, movie nights etc, and we ate dinner together every night.  It was so nice, and I've kept in touch with at least 10 of the girls I lived with.  As an Erasmus student, you'll definitely get to know other students and bigger towns are more likely to have student events and other events where you can meet people.  I'd say avoid a small town or village, which you run the risk of if you do British Council teaching, because there might not be much to keep you busy.  I was always busy in Paris trying to see all the sites, and it's a good base to travel to other cities to visit friends at the weekend.  I've heard good things about Lyon, Nice, Montpellier etc. too.  :)

  • Rachael Clayton · 7 years ago

    I think you've got good advice with Lyon, it's either there or Lille that does loads of stuff for International students, this is what I remember from my Year Abroad prep meetings.

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