Where would you recommend a beginners french student from Wales to study in France?

I'm about to submit my choices for the year abroad and have narrowed it down to Chambery (Université Savoie Mont Blanc), Grenoble (Sciences Po) Montpellier (Université Paul Valéry) and Lyon (Université Catholique de Lyon). I want to go somewhere that will have the best Erasmus network so that I can meet as many people as possible as I struggle with homesickness. I am also a beginners French student and I have heard that certain unis are more supportive of beginners than others? I would say that I am leaning more towards Grenoble, Chambery and Montpellier however I have heard that Grenoble is not the safest city? Chambery looks great also but I'm not sure if there are enough people there to meet and I don't know a lot about Montpellier. Any advice would be really appreciated! :)

This question was asked by Caitlin Wilson from Cardiff University , asked on 8th January 2021 and has been read 647 times.

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