Where should I spend my year abroad as a gay student?

I am a French and Spanish and am planning a year abroad for next academic year. Are there any places people particularly recommend for gay students (or advise that I avoid)? I don't want to feel unsafe or like I have to hide.

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  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    Madrid! I'm straight but I had soo many gay friends in Madrid who loved it there. They were a real mix as well from the super-confident to those who had only recently come out. The gay district Chueca was a 3 min walk from where I lived and soo trendy. It's full of cool restaurants and shops during the daytime and then the place transforms at night into a really vibrant nightlife. Also, I felt completely safe walking home at night through the neighbourhood. I really saw huge transformations in one of my friends who was more shy at the start of the year but really found himself in Madrid. 

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