Where do I start looking for work placements and internships?

This may seem like a stupid question...but I've recently started thinking about my year abroad and realised I had no idea where to start looking for opportunities. I study french as a minor with film studies and preferably would love to find an internship at a company relating to the film industry. Apart from L'Étudiant I haven't manages to find any websites where internships in France are posted specifically in this sector. I'm assuming just researching companies that are based in France is a good place to start? Are such internships for foreign students particularly hard to find? As you can see I'm very new to this.... :)

This question was asked by Vee from Kingston University London , asked on 10th November 2015 and has been read 2527 times.

  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    Hello Vee - when I was looking for internships during my year abroad, my university (Exeter) was really helpful & full of great advice. Maybe talk with the international office at your Uni to see if they have any information/links with companies abroad. Also check out Global Graduates for internships abroad! Have fun :)

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