Where can I get an A1 form from?

Hello all, unfortunately, I am going to have a company under my name in Greece and the Greek government asked me to have a proof that I am paying National insurance in order to avoid double payment for Insurance, this is a form called A1. I am looking on GOV.UK but I cannot find the right link to apply. The only I found is National Insurance: apply for a portable document A1/E101 if self-employed in European Economic Area (CA3837) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-insurance-application-for-form-e101-if-self-employed-in-european-economic-area-ca3837 It seems that this could be the right one but when I trying to complete the steps, it asking me personal information for Self-employment in the UK, UTR, etc. I am not self-employed in UK, so I assume that there is a different form to apply. So I need to send to Greece the A1 form which includes the Certificate of National insurance, to show that I am paying from day I started work in UK until present day. Have anyone any idea who can i find that form? Best Regards Stelios

This question was asked by Stelios Kaf , asked on 15th March 2019 and has been read 286 times.

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