Where can I get an A1 form from?

Hi, I am setting up a business in Greece which will operate six months a year. I will continue to reside in the UK and work on the PAYE system. The Greek National Insurance system needs me to get an A1 form so that I will be exempt of paying National Insurance in Greece as I already pay in the UK. Where can I get this from.

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  • Nikos · 5 years ago

    I have a similar problem in reverse; I moved in UK from Greece, living and working here, and as I abide by the UK processes etc, I was told to get an A1 form (from the HMRC) to be exempt for paying in Greece as well.

    In the HMRC links I only see the case of the opposite flow (from UK to abroad) fro the A1 form, and a recent phone call did not resolve the case/issue.

  • Anonymous Answer · 5 years ago

    Hi both,

    After some Googling I found that:

    To apply for form A1 where an employee is going to be subject to UK legislation and pay UK NICs the employer must contact: HMRC International Caseworker, BP1301, HM Revenue & Customs, Benton Park View, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE98 1ZZ.

    Applications should be made using form CA3822 which can be downloaded from HMRC's website


    I hope that helps! :)

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