Where can I find useful books or articles about the French Education System in Relation to Learning English?

I'm writing my dissertation about learning a language in Scotland and in France and am struggling to find any useful links, articles or books to find out about language learning policy in France. Google books is not being very useful.

This question was asked by Heather Mudge from The University of Aberdeen , asked on 7th August 2014 and has been read 2366 times.

  • Prof. Mike Kelly · 8 years ago

    I'm not surprised about Google Books. In my experience, when you look for 'apprendre l'anglais' or similar you mainly get commercial links. You could do worse than go to the French government site for the Ministry of Education. English is included in 'les langues vivantes étrangères' - in fact English makes up the largest part of foreign language teaching in France. This is a very useful summary.

    You will be able to get brochures and publication in the more specialist bookshops in France.

    Hope this helps.

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