Where can I find blogs written by other year abroaders?

I'm interested in what others have to say!

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  • Becky Wyde · 7 years ago

    Third Year Abroad's Top of the Blogs tends to be a good place to look, although these are generally from the previous year! Twitter is also a good shout.

  • Lauren Stevens · 7 years ago

    My blog! 

    I lived with a local for the first 3 months of my year abroad , but she lost her job and had to move away so I started searching for a new flatmate. I received an email from a girl studying at another university who had found the blog that I was writing by typing 'year abroad Melilla' into Google. She was coming to the city for the last 4 months of my stay and I told her that I was looking for a flatmate and kept the spare room free for her.

  • Alice · 7 years ago

    I am doing a year abroad in Pisa, and this is my blog for those interested. 


    or the shortlink:


  • Lauren Birney · 7 years ago

    I found lots of Blogs by typing into Google year abroad in ____ and usually a good few came up :)

    I'm doing my Year Abroad as a Primary Language Assistant in a small town in France called Perigueux. My Blog for those who would like advice/see what it is like can be found at : www.laurenbirney.wordpress.com

  • Zoe Taylor · 6 years ago

    Hey! Generally I find the Third Year Abroad twitter account a pretty good starting point, I like seeing what everyone else is doing there!

    I'm keeping one while I'm in France if you fancied checking it out at www.ataylorintoulouse.wordpress.com, and if you decide to set one up too do let me know! :D  

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