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Ambien or Zolpidem (generic) is the name of a medicine that is popular among the people of the United States. Doctors usually prescribe this drug for treating people with the condition of insomnia.

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The drug is available in the market in the form of oral tablets and oral sprays. The tablets of Ambien come in immediate-release, extended-release, and sublingual versions. Your doctor will prescribe the dose which will be suitable for your health.

Although the drug helps people who face trouble falling asleep, you still cannot buy Ambien online without Prescription from a doctor. The immediate-release tablets of Ambien help you to fall asleep within 30 minutes of its intake.

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Whereas the extended-release tablets will not only help in sleeping, but it will also prevent you from getting in between the night. It further means that these tablets are strong, and if you do not take them accordingly, they might result in severe side effects.

Following is the list of side effects that may emerge after taking a few doses of Ambien –

1. Mild or severe headache
2. Getting dizzy
3. Pain in the chest
4. Mouth gets dry
5. Feeling lightheaded
6. Muscle pain
7. Swelling up of throat or face
8. Lack of energy
9. Feeling worthless
10. Lack of interest and activity
11. Abnormal thoughts
12. Aggressive behavior
13. Confusion and agitation
14. Feeling depressed
15. Going through suicidal thoughts

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