Where are the best regions in France?

I'm starting to look into areas in France to do my year abroad as an English language teaching assistant, would anyone recommend anywhere in specific? I've never been to France so I would have no idea what so ever.

This question was asked by Alicia Bodman from Swansea University , asked on 5th November 2014 and has been read 2024 times.

  • Bogi Szabo · 8 years ago

    I personally did my Year Abroad in Chambéry, which is a town in the department of Savoie, in southeast France. I love the outdoors so I had the best time as there are plenty of outdoor activities, a beautiful lake just a bike ride away, and skiing in the winter as it's right in the foot of the Alps! Plus it is close to Lyon and Annecy, both beautiful places in their own right and if you're looking for nightlife, Lyon is definitely the place to go!

  • Vicky Samantha Jones · 8 years ago

    In my opinion I don't think you should go to France. I think you should come to Spain with you favorite ginger best friend! Viva Espana!!!!

  • Zoe Taylor · 8 years ago

    I'm in Toulouse at the moment and I love it! The weather is great, there are A LOT of students, and it's good for visiting Barcelona, Marseille, the Pyrenées etc. It's still got a city feel without being as big as Paris. I'm really enjoying it, any questions don't hesitate to drop me an email or something :)

  • Minna Jalili · 8 years ago

    Hello Alicia!

    I did my Bachelor's degree in Montpellier and my Master's degree in Paris.

    I would definitely recommend Montpellier. It's full of exchange students, and students in general. It has a very good atmosphere. You can walk everywhere. The weather is great: it rarely rains, it's mostly sunny and in the winter it's never under 5 degrees celsius, with some exceptions of course.

    Toulouse is the same type of city as Montpellier, but a bit bigger. I went there a few times as I had friends studying there. In general I would recommend the South of France: Aix-en provence is beautiful. Bordeaux in the West is also a good city to study in, though it rains more.

    Paris is great! Beautiful, many things to do but it's more expensive obviously so I wouldn't recommend it if you really want to enjoy your year abroad. It's better to keep it for holidays. A good alternative to Paris is Lyon. Also a big beautiful city though smaller and cheaper than Paris.

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