When doing a year abroad do you pay the abroad uni and the one you originally study at?

while researching degrees with a year abroad i have noticed that usually this means the year abroad results in a lower tuition fee for that year which seems unusual to me. Is this because you have to pay the uni you are going abroad to study at as well as your normal uni? Is this covered by student loans? thanks

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  • Romy Higgins · 7 years ago

    The reason you pay less to your university is because they're not teaching you everyday, you just pay a percentage to cover the support they offer you via email, phone etc.  The partner university accepts you for free because they send a student to your university, and in Erasmus partnerships I believe the universities receive some money from the EU to accept exchange students.  You don't have to pay the partner university anything as far as I know (I did an Erasmus partnership and didn't have to pay anything because I started in 2011) but maybe outside the EU you may have to pay something.  There should be a study abroad office at most universities to give you advice.

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