What's the difference between working as an EU translator and an interpreter in terms of the application process?

I'm interested in both of those roles but are there different requirements? Do you need to apply for a specifically translator/interpreter role or can you do translation/interpreting work in a Generalist role?

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  • Charlotte · 8 years ago

    Hi there, thanks for your question on EU Careers, great to hear you are interested in applying. 

    If you are interested in pure translation/interpreting you would have to wait for a specialist linguist concours that matches your languages. 

    In terms of eligibility, you need a perfect command of one EU lang, and a thorough knowledge of at least 2 others (one of which must be EN, FR or DE). You also need a degree, but no specific translation qualifications are needed.

    For interpreting in addition to the same language requirements above, you do need experience and/or qualifications in conference interpreting.

    As a generalist you would not be in official translation/interpreting roles, rather as policy officers. However the nature of working in such a multilingual set of institutions will mean that you are often translating from one language to another.

    Best of luck with your applications!

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