What Teaching Resources should I Bring?

What, if any, teaching resources would you recomend bringing with you from the uk to be a primary assistant in France?

This question was asked by Lauren Birney from The University of Stirling , asked on 17th September 2014 and has been read 2129 times.

  • Lauren Stevens · 6 years ago

    I was an assistant in a secondary school in Spain and I took typical English things for the students to see. For example; newspapers, magazines, train and bus timetables and tickets, leaflets, photos, postcards, tea bags, sweets, shortbread, mince pies, a Christmas cracker, or a Christmas pudding.

    It really depends on what the school wants you do. You could always ask them if they would like you to bring anything in particular.

    I also created a lot of my own lesson plans, which I've linked on my blog.

  • Romy Higgins · 6 years ago

     I didn't teach in a school but I did conversation classes with one little girl and she found English money so fascinating!  So take an example of each coin and note and let them see the pictures on them.  You could even find worksheets where they have to work out how to pay for stuff using different coins.

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