What should I do about mobile phones in France?

I'm going to France for my year abroad soon and I was wondering what might be the best thing to do about getting a mobile out there. I have Skype for chatting to people back home, but if you want to text a lot or just need to call someone at home while you're out, is it best to use your english mobile or to buy one out there and use that? It's just that I can't see any way around it being very expensive either way. And how would you go about getting a mobile? The French equivalent of a Carphone Warehouse?

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  • Joachim Whaley · 6 years ago

    Buy a French sim card as soon as you arrive!

  • Anonymous Answer · 6 years ago

    There are some great laws in France which allow you to get around a few things which can be quite annoying in the UK.

    For example; on proof of leaving the country (i.e. a letter from your home university saying you are returning) you can cancel any phone contract after 6 months. This means you can take out a longer contract at a lower rate and cancel it without penalties. 

    This can be particularly useful if you are in need of a new phone - you can buy it at an ever cheaper price with a longer contract and then keep it at the end! 

    Also, in France if you buy a phone with a pay as you go sim the company is legally obliged to unlock it for you straight away, and the same applies after (I think) three months, if you have a monthly contract. Meaning you can take away your cheaper than usual phone to the UK unlocked free of charge and penalty! 

    There are also some very cheap sims that you can get specifically for the purpose of using abroad, but the people I knew who used them had quite a few difficulties with additional charges, not getting it set up quickly etc. So it is worth considering exactly what you want to pay for!

    Bonne chance! 

  • Helen Sutherland · 6 years ago

    I got a French sim on a rolling contract (the 10 euro forfait from Virgin Mobile). That way you can cancel it easily when you leave. 

    If you're decide to go for a contract of any kind make sure you bring every bit of paperwork you can think of with you. I had to make a second trip with a RIB from my French bank account and an official proof of address document from my halls of residence!

  • Zoe Taylor · 6 years ago

    Hey! As soon as I got an apartment I got a sim card at joemobile.fr, which have so far been really good! I pay 20 euro a month for 4gb of data and free calls to international landlines which I use to call my family. For mobiles I use my data and call on Viber or Facebook messenger. 

  • Bogi Szabo · 6 years ago

    If you want a pay as you go sim, get a LeFrenchMobile one! They have plenty of good offers as it's aimed at students.

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