What options do I have when sorting out my phone contract for my year abroad in Spain?

My year abroad isn't until next August/September, however my current phone contract of 2 years runs out in January and I don't want to renew or get a new contract when I'm moving away 9 months later. Are there any other alternatives people could recommend? I know there's a chance I could use giffgaff until I moved but I'm a bit stuck past that!

This question was asked by Kirstie Sutherland from The University of Birmingham , asked on 7th November 2015 and has been read 2524 times.

  • Lucinda Riding · 6 years ago

    When I was in Spain I elected to get a 'Spanish phone' aka one of my old English phones unlocked. I got a sim only contract from orange for 9.95 euros a month with a 1gb of data! Super cheap and really all you need when you have wifi in most places! Keep your English phone so that you have it when you move home - maybe switch to pay as you go if you don't want to pay two bills at once? 

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