What maintenance loan can I recieve while in Australia for my year abroad?

Hi so I've been allocated UNSW for my year abroad, but I can't find an exact answer to how much maintenance loan I can receive with the 'away rate'. I assume it is more than I get while in the UK? While in the UK I do get the full maintenance loan, but I don't qualify for any grants. Also do student finance help pay for visas etc? Has anyone been to Australia and can help me please? Thanks

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  • Shannah Gates · 6 years ago

    Hey I'm currently on year abroad in NSW and yes you do get extra student finance. Its not an awful lot extra but every little helps there is also a travel grant which helps pay for flights and visas and things. Check here to see if you're eligible.

    If you are going to uni in NSW please feel free to contact me with any questions  I'd be more than happy to share some advice or tips with you (as Im currently six months through my year abroad at the university of Wollongong (which is in new south wales)) my email is [email protected] :)

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