What language should I contact the school I'll be working for in Spain?

Sounds silly but I don't know whether to contact the schools in Spanish or English? I'd prefer sending it in English as I am still a beginner in Spanish but I don't want to give a bad impression.

This question was asked by Ketrina from Swansea University , asked on 7th August 2015 and has been read 2104 times.

  • Global Graduates · 7 years ago

    Hi Ketrina,

    If you're nervous about your Spanish, why not send an email in both languages? You could write a short email in English and then try your best to translate it into Spanish underneath.

    It may sound excessive, but it's a nice way to be respectful, while also maximising the chance of you being fully understood. Having a few sentences to introduce yourself in Spanish also ensures that your email falls into the right hands (aka the English department).

    Don't worry, they won't expect your Spanish to be perfect before you've even arrived!

    The TYA Team

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