What is the craziest / coolest thing you experienced on your year abroad?

Just interested :)

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  • Anonymous Answer · 5 years ago

    Kissed the head of the English department at my leaving party (I was a language assistant) :/

  • Anonymous Answer · 5 years ago

    Almost hit by crazy taxi drivers on a daily basis,

    Went to a concert in the desert,

    Battle against people trying to rip you off on a daily basis,

    Slept under the stars in a desert,

    Almost swept away by a strong current into the Atlantic never to be seen again,

    Went to the smallest national park in the world,

    I was in Senegal.. and it was amazing!

  • Arthur Fane · 5 years ago

    Hitchhiked with 2 friends from Chambery to Rennes (1000km). Saw a lot of France, met lovely people, and chatted a whole lot of French with people I wouldn't have met otherwise. We've got lots of amazing memories and it's given me the experience to try out hitchhiking to get everywhrr

  • Anonymous Answer · 5 years ago

    skinny dipping in the atlantic off the coast of portugal 

    topless photos on the cliff face

  • Fraser Bowen · 5 years ago

    Cheese fondue with an old swiss couple in a tiny hut at the top of a snowy alp after hiking up it. recommended

  • Lauren Stevens · 5 years ago

    Walking across the Spanish/ Moroccan border (in Melilla) and getting my passport stamped for the first time

    Getting my passport stamped on my birthday

    Camel trekking into the desert

    Seeing my first shooting star in the desert

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