What is assurance habitation and where can I get it?

Hi there. Thanks for reading. I'm studying in France for a month during the summer on a language course, and am in the process of finding accomodation. I'm applying through CROUS and it's necessary that I have une attestation d'assurance habitation, which I think translates as house or contents insurance. I was wondering where I could get this type of insurance as I have no clue where to start. Thank you

This question was asked by Christopher Bloxham from The University of East Anglia , asked on 6th May 2015 and has been read 2959 times.

  • Louise Wiseman · 7 years ago


    yep it's housing and contents insurance. French landlords/property owners tend not to give over the keys or let you sign the lease until you prove you have this insurance. When I lived in France I used AXA, they were fairly cheap but more importantly they were the only ones who let me pay with a UK bank card as I didn't have a French bank account. I did have to do it on the phone but they have English speaking staff too. Hope that helps!

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