What do people advise when it comes to mobile phones in France?

I'm doing the language assistantship in France so going to be there for a fair bit of time! Is it better to keep the UK sim card and suffer the international roaming costs or is it better to pick up a cheap sim deal in France and alternate when home in UK? Thanks!!

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  • Fiona Scott · 7 years ago

    Cheap sim with a good internet package/just stick to wifi. Use Skype, whatsapp and viber for keeping in touch with home.

     I read recently that roaming charges have just been abolished by the EU. Certainly with Swiss network providers like Swisscom they now offer contracts that don't include roaming when you travel outside of Switzerland. Great timing given I'm coming to the end of my year abroad.

  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    In France it's best to get a French SIM. There's a company called Free and they do a monthly contract SIM that's about €15 for 20GB of data and some calls and texts. There's no cancellation fee and you get free wifi in their hotspots. Also make sure your phone is unlocked before you go because they charge a fortune/ can't do it once you're out there. 

  • Zoe Taylor · 7 years ago

    I would second the above answer! I went with Lycamobile which were fine too, you can get a sim card for them in many newsagents. I reckon to get a French sim is better than sticking with your English one, just remember to keep it safe for your trips back home! :) 

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