What do I do about healthcare in Switzerland?

I'm preparing for my year abroad in Geneva, but I've been struggling to find any consistent information on what I'll need in terms of healthcare and insurance. I know about the EHIC card (although information on this is still pretty vague), but what services will it actually cover? Will I need insurance on top of it just to be sure? If there's anyone who has experienced this themselves and could explain to me how it works, I'd really appreciate it!

This question was asked by Ceri Pollard , asked on 9th February 2015 and has been read 2791 times.

  • Global Graduates · 8 years ago

    Hi Ceri,

    It's always advisable to sort out insurance before you leave for your year abroad! There's loads of information on our site that should be able to help.


  • Fiona Scott · 7 years ago

    I'm coming to the end of my year abroad in Switzerland and I've heard mixed responses too. I was told my EHIC card and gap year insurance would only get me a slight discount and you have to take out insurance with a Swiss company. I was recommended SwissCare who offer an exemption for students/apprentices etc. I was paying CHF 250 per quarter (most people pay this per month). You're supposed to sort it out within the first three months of your time there. I know people who chanced it and didn't just do anything risky like skiing. Up to you.

  • Ceri Pollard · 7 years ago

    Thanks Fiona, that's really helpful :)

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