What can I do about my mobile phone in Bologna and Geneva?

I'm on a contract with EE which doesn't end until during my year abroad. I'm going to Bologna in Italy and then Geneva in Switzerland for my year abroad so I was wondering what advice there is about mobile phones? I was considering just getting an Italian pay as you go type SIM card in both Bologna and Geneva, are there any recommended companies? Or any other choices I have in regards to my mobile phone?

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  • Global Graduates · 7 years ago


    Generally the cheapest way is to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM in your year abroad country/ies and keep your UK phone so that you can use all the apps etc when you have wifi.

    Here are a couple of threads where students have discussed mobile phone providers in Italy.

    We hope that helps!

    The TYA Team

  • Hannah Roberts · 7 years ago

    If you've already got a phone, get it unlocked before you leave and you can get a SIM card in your host country. Alternatively, 3 have abolished their roaming charges in both Italy and Switzerland so when I was in Italy I just got a rolling contract with them for about £7 a month and put the sim in my unlocked phone. You can use your phone just as you would at home, and you still get all the texts/data/calls. I thought this was a bit easier than getting an Italian PAYG one because you have to go into a shop to reload them every few weeks.

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