What are your most effective coping strategies for dealing with severe homesickness?

We want to compile a list for future year abroaders.

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  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    I'm lucky to have not suffered home sickness too much as I'm used to being away from home and I easily adapt to new surroundings but I would suggest trying to find something at your uni that you would usually do at home i,e a sport.

    I have found an exercise class that I can do at my uni here in Germany and that is what I would do at home.

    Even although you are in a different country...you really are not cut off from the world/your uni friends...everyone is just a facebook message/skype call away!

  • Arthur Fane · 8 years ago

    Keep active - there's nothing more conducive to homesickness than just sitting in your room and thinking about your family and friends back at home. If you try to keep doing things, or plan what adventure you'll go on next, then you won't need to think about what you're missing out on back at home. Sports sessions are usually available at university, and these are a great way to meet people and take your mind off homesickness.

    Don't worry if you're feeling homesick towards the start - uprooting your life and going to live in a foreign country is a difficult thing to do: you're bound to feel a bit out of your depth at the beginning.

    The year abroad dream is to fully immerse yourself in your new country, not speak a word of your mother tongue all year, and emerge fully fluent and ridiculously confident. This is all very well, but it doesn't mean you need to shut yourself off from people who speak your language - Erasmus students are all in the same boat at you, they'll be nervous and a bit homesick too, so why not go on adventures and experience university life with them too. Some of my best friends on my year abroad were English-speakers, I just made sure that whenever we were in French company, we spoke French the whole time. That way, your French can improve, but you've got someone in exactly the same boat at your side.

    Have a fun time - a year abroad is an unbelievable opportunity, and has the potential to be one of the best years of your life! You'll be back home in no time at all, make the most of this opportunity while you can :) 

  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    I drew myself a calendar where I could fill in all the things I was doing and also cross off days as a count down. That way I could remind myself how much great stuff I was doing (looking back, and forward to what was ahead) as well as seeing when my next trip back was in the days where I really just wanted to be going home. Certainly for me, a mixture of those two tactics often helped me to refocus, and gave me different ways to cope with being away. 

  • Hannah Smith · 8 years ago

    I think the calendar idea is a great one to be honest I haven't tried it but I will be giving it a go myself. 

    The best advice for would be to not stay in the house. Do anything with anyone. Be it knitting with the pensioners or doing your laundry and striking up a conversation with someone. Also, and this will also take quite a bit of confidence, is invite yourself to things. If you hear about something or see somebody is doing something on social media ask if you can go (without being too stalky aha) 

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