What are some good ways to document your year abroad?

Obviously I'm aware of blogging (and am considering starting one) but are there any other interesting ways?

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  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    I had two main ways to document my year abroad: an in-depth online blog which I updated on average once a week, and a scrapbook. 

    The blog I found particularly helpful, not just for my own development and documentation, but also to keep friends and family updated back home, particularly those who were not on Facebook. I also plan on leaving it online, so hopefully in years to come, I will be able to look back and smile! The scrapbook was really easy to do - in my first week, I simply bought an empty exercise book and filled it with tickets, receipts, boarding passes, or just anything with a date on. It was very therapeutic, and I would recommend this method of documentation to anyone going on a year abroad! 

  • Natalie Earl · 7 years ago

    I am also one of those Year Abroaders with a Year Abroad blog, which is a really nice way of writing down and concreting your experiences. I started my blog mainly for my close friends and family at home, who wanted to keep updated with what I was doing. The only issue is you have to be quite dedicated and put time into writing it.

    The other way I documented my blog was through my One Second a Day Video. Before I left for my year abroad, I saw a TedTalks presentation where the speaker had taken a one second video every day for a year, then stuck all of the videos together. It is a beautiful way to document your year abroad. My videos ended up being longer than 1 second, some days there were 4 or 5, some days were even 20.

    I also bought a postcard in every single different place I travelled to, and then stitched them together with needle and thread to make a kind of wall hanging / poster!

  • Lauren Stevens · 7 years ago

    I had a blog, which I tried to update every 2 weeks (http://lauren-stevens-melilla.blogspot.co.uk/) I wrote notes about important events on my phone or paper so I wouldn't forget what to write.

    I also bought postcards when I went to some places and took plenty of photos. If I want to remember what happened, I can refer to my photo albums on my computer or my blog.

    I kept all the tickets from the transport I used and places I visited and used them to make into a display frame when I got home.

    Here's the photo from Pinterest where I got the idea from:


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