What are my options with regards to Mobile Phones when I go to Spain?

I am pretty much relaxed about everything else regard my third year abroad next year yet the only thing that worries me is not having a phone. I'm just wondering what my best options would be when I go as I know about hideous data roaming charges etc. Ideally I want something not to expensive that I can use in the UK and Spain. Any thoughts?

This question was asked by Vicky Samantha Jones from Swansea University , asked on 6th November 2014 and has been read 2249 times.

  • Ethan R Wilkinson · 7 years ago

    I was on 3 UK and I got them to unlock my iPhone before I went so that I would be able to choose any tariff when I went to Spain and Italy. So I took my British iPhone with me (unlocked) and I chose to go with Orange ES PAYG the Ballena tariff. For around €9 a month I got 1GB of data and cheap calls and texts. It was perfect and very handy to have data.

    When I went back to the UK at Christmas and Easter I just took out my Spanish/Italian SIM card and put my 3 UK one back in. It was very easy and worked like a treat!

  • Vicky Samantha Jones · 7 years ago

    How expensive were calls then when you were phoning home?

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