What are my options once my teaching assistantship ends?

I will finish in April and would ideally like to move to a bigger city? Is this something a lot of students have done? I would be open to work, university but no more teaching. I'm thinking of Paris or Lyon and I will be right near Paris for my placement. How do I go about finding work? And can I get a job and a coloc. for 3 months, which is all it would be?! May to August. What do most assistants do once their contract finishes? Help!

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  • Joachim Whaley · 8 years ago

    Many students stay on on and work after their teaching assistantship ends. Try asking your home university for contacts, or ask friends who are currently in the relevant areas if they know of anything. Ask colleagues at your school if they know of a French internship website or site where firms advertise for interns.You might also try looking at the options available on www.europe-internship.com, though you may end up paying a smallish fee if you take one of the things they have listed. 

    It is difficult to find study opportunities as the universities are mostly closed over the summer.

    Good luck!


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